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Please note that the results will be deleted after two weeks.

To cite PRODIGY-CRYSTAL, please refer to:

  1. Elez K., Bonvin A.M.J.J. and Vangone A."Distinguishing crystallographic from biological interfaces in protein complexes: Role of intermolecular contacts and energetics for classification", BMC Bioinformatics, 19 (Suppl 15) :438 (2018).
  2. Jiménez-García B., Elez K., Koukos P.I., Bonvin A.M.J.J. and Vangone A. "PRODIGY-crystal: a web-tool for classification of biological interfaces in protein complexes", Bioinformatics, btz437 (2019).

For more information about the predictive model please check the PRODIGY-CRYSTAL prediction method page.

Further information can be found in the PRODIGY-CRYSTAL Manual and an example of the PRODIGY-CRYSTAL output can be found here.

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Prediction results

Predicted interface: Biological

Probability of the prediction: 0.804 (biological) / 0.196 (crystallographic)    (check the Method for further information)

Binding affinity prediction calculated by PRODIGY ΔG (kcal mol-1): -14.7    (check the Manual and PRODIGY page for further information)

Protein and interface investigated: 1PPE chains E vs I

Prediction details

Number of Residue Contacts (RCs) per property:
ICs charged-charged:4
ICs charged-polar:8
ICs charged-apolar:24
ICs polar-polar:0
ICs polar-apolar:15
ICs apolar-apolar:20
Link density: 0.135

Table of the RCs at the interface:
List of residue-residue pairs at the interface (.txt)

Interface visualization

Interacting chains are colored in blue/pink. Residues are the interface are highlighed with green/red spheres in the case of biological/crystallographic interfaces, respectively. To check the complete list of interfacial residues, please check the file "Table of the RCs at the interface".

For more infomation, please visit the Manual page.

Download outputs

To download the archive file with all the output of your run (.tgz file) click here.